Windy Corner Excursion

I made a quick trip up windy corner this weekend. I wanted to get some long exposures of the inlet from up high at sunset. I was also scouting for future shoots. I'd like to take some models up there for stock shoots.

I did not end up getting the shots I planned. I ended up being inspired by different things. I do believe it will be a great location for future shoots though. 

Stuff on my Desk

 My Desk lamp

My Desk lamp

So on my desk I have and olympus epl5 and a kit lens as well as a desk lamp and some other mundane objects. I turned the lights out turned the desk lamp on and photographed a few of the mundane things on my desk. All photos were lit my my desk lamp (an ikea if you were wondering) shot with an olympus e-pl5 and 14-42 lens and processed and lightroom.

 Coke Zero beverage of choice

Coke Zero beverage of choice

 My change dish

My change dish

ok this next one isn't so mundane its a funky bottle of wine from russia, a friend gave us. but i was on a roll so

 Russian Wine

Russian Wine

was there any point to this. Other than amusing myself and making some cool images? no. But for photographers that should be enough

Also it inspired me to invent desk lamp lighting witch is totally gonna be thing now I swear

Portraits of Strangers Pt. 2

Point Woronzof

I wanted to try my hand at impromptu portraits of strangers again. So this Sunday I ran down to Point Woronzof, softbox in hand and shot some portraits. Point Woronzof is a popular public park right on the beach in Anchorage. I never know what I am going to get when I do this, witch to me is a big part of the fun. It was unfortunately a little dead on Sunday, but we did manage to get some good stuff. I am adding some photos I shot last fall at the same place to beef the post up. In any case I had never met or spoke to any of my photo subjects before. 

20140406-NIKON D800-4036.jpg

Infant Portrait Session

20130531-NIKON D800-9823.jpg

Recently I was hired to do some in home infant portraits. I love these intimate family portraits sessions. They really created great images. This session was shot almost completely with natural light from the window.  

Portraits of Strangers Pt. 1

20130825-NIKON D800-0035.jpg
20130825-NIKON D800-0087.jpg

Westchester Lagoon

I took a quick trip down to Westchester Lagoon. Westchester Lagoon is a popular place for outdoor activities in Anchorage. I went down there to shoot some on the spot portrait of locals. Its always a challenge to approach strangers for portraits, but it is also an a great opportunity to think on your feet with your photography. I introduced myself to a few people at the park and shot a this series of photos of them. I actually think I will try this again because the results are pretty interesting.

20130825-NIKON D800-0075.jpg

Hatcher Pass Trip

20130817-NIKON D800-9978.jpg

Made a quick trip to Hatcher Pass in the Talkeetna Mountains this weekend. It had been a couple years since I had been up there and I had really forgotten how amazing the landscape is. I had the chance to take some fun landscape photos while I was up there.




Buckner Building Photo Trip


This weekend I made a trip down to to Whittier. I wanted to explore the abandoned Buckner Building. The largest abandoned building in Alaska. I actually have explored it before but that was in the winter. It was awfully cold that time and we didn't stay long. This time I went by myself and it was a very pleasantly warm day. I had a great chance to wonder through the hall ways and staircases. I have always found photos of abandoned places to be really interesting. 

Treyvon Martin Protest in Anchorage


I was downtown today having lunch at the  F Street Station. on my way back to my car I saw a large group of people with signs. I actually had not been aware that a demonstration was planned for the day. Upon getting a closer look I saw the that they were protesting the verdict in the Zimmerman trial. Now years ago I used to shoot as a stringer for some newspapers. I don't do any professional photojournalism anymore because its so tough to make any money in the print news industry. However I still love to take these kinds of pictures and I never miss an opportunity to do some intresting documentary photos. Fortunately I Had my Ricoh camera in my jeans pocket. I proceeded to run ahead of the march and snap some shots.